Developing Vehicles of the Future With Artificial Intelligence

Zenuity, a joint venture of Volvo Cars and Autoliv, is racing ahead on the road to autonomous driving with software powered by deep learning. The company built their AI infrastructure on NVIDIA® DGX-1 and Pure Storage® FlashBlade, delivering the ultimate platform for their data scientists and researchers to make autonomous vehicles smarter and safer. 


  • Autonomous driving software is entrusted with making crucial, real-time decisions.
  • The company needed to handle the exponentially increasing volume of sensory data.
  • The industry faces a trade-off between processing more data — which is essential to deliver improvements in safety — and accelerating time-to-market. 

Use Case:

  • AI/Deep Learning – NVIDIA DGX-1, Pure Storage® FlashBlade, Tensorflow, PyTorch 

Business Transformation: 
Due to a breakthrough in AI infrastructure, Zenuity has taken a leadership position in autonomous driving with deep learning. Data scientists can process the amount of data needed to ensure safety without compromising product timeline. 

IT Transformation:

  • With its compact form factor and simplicity, FlashBlade delivers a petabyte in just 8U.
  • The solution enables the company to make ground-breaking progress in reducing training run intervals.
  • The company reduced training times, which means IT investment is better utilized and data scientists are more productive. 


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“We are in a global race to see who can deliver the safest solution for autonomous vehicles first. The combination of NVIDIA DGX-1 and Pure Storage FlashBlade provides a breakthrough AI infrastructure that enables us take a leadership position.”
Benny Nilsson, Manager of Deep Learning