On-Demand Webinar: Beyond Protection: Driving Agility in a DevOps World

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The combination of flash storage with improved copy data management has the potential to greatly improve developer productivity and accelerate your DevOps processes.  Industry leaders Pure Storage and Commvault have teamed up to offer an optimized solution designed to deliver speed and agility to your DevOps methodologies.

View this webinar to learn:

  • How thorough and broad application integration makes the DevOps environment more nimble and flexible.
  • How application-aware, space-efficient snapshots translate to developer productivity.
  • The efficiency gains possible by combining software and hardware based data reduction.

Featured Speakers:

  • Lance Shaw, Director of Product Marketing, Commvault
  • Abdul Rasheed, Solutions Marketing Manager, Pure Storage


What is this Webinar Series about?

This series covers important topics related to the application of flash memory to enterprise-class environments. Technical in content, the series features speakers from a host of industries and backgrounds, including users, industry analysts, and technology developers from the application layer down to the flash memory cell.