The Power of VMware Horizon View on Pure Stoage

IT departments increasingly rely on virtual and remote desktops to build unified, reliable, high-performance user workspaces. VMware Horizon is emerging as the platform of choice to deliver workspaces to both task workers and high productivity users. Pure Storage provides reliable, simple, high-performance all-flash storage perfect for Horizon deployments. Together, VMware and Pure help IT departments deploy virtual and remote desktops that are less expensive, more reliable, lower cost, and higher performance than traditional desktops. Attendees of this session will learn:

  • How VMware Horizon simplifies application and desktop delivery and the benefits of Horizon View in VDI environments.
  • How Pure Storage enables high-performance Horizon deployments, particularly virtual desktops with View.
  • Examples of how real IT departments use VMware and Pure to deploy virtual desktops and applications -- to make their businesses more competitive.

Featured Speakers:

Sachin Sharma, Product Marketing Manager, VMware

Joel McKelvey, Solutions Marketing Manager, Pure Storage


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