ピュア・ストレージ Web セミナー [近日公開]

As Virtual Desktop environments have matured they have become increasingly used to accommodate graphically intensive workloads and power users. By virtualizing graphically intensive desktop workloads, businesses can see significant reduction in licensing and hardware costs while simultaneously experiencing greater application performance and higher employee productivity.

This webinar discusses the use of NVIDIA GRID vGPU technology and Pure Storage 100% Flash Storage to eliminate the performance constraints associated with graphically intense virtual desktops and applications. Highlights Include: 

  • The shift from “simple” to graphically-intensive virtual desktops
  • How Pure Storage and NVIDIA work with VMware Horizon View to provide graphically-accelerated consistently high-performance desktop experience
  • Laboratory test results proving exceptional graphics and desktop performance
  • Real-world customer experiences with graphically-accelerated desktops from NVIDIA and Pure Storage
  • Design Guide for Virtualized Engineering Workstations with nVidia GRID

Featured Speakers:

Tony Paikeday, End User Computing, VMware

Luke Wignall, GRID Performance Engineering, NVIDIA 

Joel McKelvey, Virtual Desktop Marketing, Pure Storage


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