ESXi Storage Capacity Reclamation (UNMAP) Deep Dive

VMware ESXi-based environments are becoming increasingly dynamic as virtual machines are being created, copied, destroyed and changed constantly for the purposes of development, testing and X-as-a-Service environments. When you delete space in a virtual machine, or an entire virtual disk, or an entire virtual machine, you create dead space. With data reducing all-flash-arrays becoming a norm, the concept of space reclamation AKA UNMAP is becoming particularly important. Making your storage footprint as small and efficient as possible is integral to running a lean infrastructure. This session will go deep into space reclamation in VMware ESXi environments. Understand the what, how, why and when of VMFS UNMAP and In-Guest UNMAP with a focus on new UNMAP support in vSphere 6.5. Learn how to get your space back quickly and effectively.

Featured Speakers:

Cody Hosterman, Technical Director for VMware Solutions, Pure Storage