From Legacy Backup to Workload Consolidation: How to get more out of your backup storage

The data protection industry has 2 main flaws: 

1) Inflexible appliances built to do a single task 
2) Focus on backup speed, vs. restore speed

Appliances optimized for backup forces IT to deploy individual storage systems, and you end up with a complex infrastructure of silos- all to compensate for the slow restore performance of the backup appliance.

FlashBlade is the next-gen data platform from Pure Storage, certified to work with the major data protection platforms, including Commvault and Veeam. FlashBlade’s scale-out architecture enables “workload consolidation” - providing backup storage, which can also be used for analytics, test/dev, and basic file storage. This reduces stale or dead resources, and simplifies overall infrastructure. 

Join us for this informative webinar, delivered by technical experts from the leader in flash storage.


Featured Speakers:

James Fisher, Principal Systems Engineer - FlashBlade, Pure Storage

Somu Rajarathinam, Oracle Solutions Architect, Pure Storage