Why the Right Infrastructure for Mobile Workspace is So Critical?

Your team has just been tasked with designing a mobile workspace strategy for the organization. You decide on Citrix as the platform for app and desktop virtualization and for file sharing, but what supporting infrastructure will ensure your overall success? Look no further than with Pure Storage and Cisco for Citrix mobile workspaces. Not only do you have a leader with Citrix in delivering secure apps and desktops as well as file sync and share, but you have leaders in compute, networking and storage. Learn how the combination of a converged infrastructure from Pure and Cisco can help you rapidly deploy a comprehensive mobile workspace that is resilient, simple to manage, secure and cost effective.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to successfully deploy Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp that can scale with your organizational needs with FlashStack, an agile infrastructure from Pure and Cisco 
  • How our customers are benefiting from FlashStack with Citrix 
  • How to enable remote access to files stored on-premises in order to meet strict compliance requirements


Featured Speaker: 

Kyle Grossmiller, Solutions Architect, Pure Storage

Anil Kumar, Technical Marketing Lead, Citrix

Amer Ahmed, Director, Service Delivery and Transformation, Hub International