Virtual SAP HANA and Dynamic Tiering - The first step into Big Data and IoT

The Internet of Things (IOT) is growing exponentially and has matured to deliver meaningful insights when correlated to massive structured and unstructured data. SAP HANA is the cornerstone for storing and processing IOT application data faster and more efficiently. This session examines how virtualization of SAP HANA on All Flash storage is used to more effectively process data, but at the same time through SAP HANA DT (Dynamic Tiering) run SAP HANA most economical with lower overall cost. We also look at the details of providing HANA-like performance with up to 75% reduced cost. The speakers will discuss:

- Using SAP HANA DT (Dynamic Tiering) to lower cost at HANA-like performance

- Lessons learned from deploying and running SAP HANA DT on VMware

- Leverage VMware capabilities (e.g. multi VM, HA, DRS) to run SAP HANA more efficiently

- Running SAP Hana in the VMware SDDC using a Validated Design



Featured Speaker: 

John Karagozian, Global Strategic Alliances Lead, SAP, Pure Storage

Mohan Potheri, Principal Systems and Virtual Architect, VMware