VVOLs 2.0 to the rescue! Unlock the power of array native snapshots and replication

With the release of VVOLs 2.0, enterprise HA features now enable customers to use VMware integrated array-based snapshots to address the performance limitations in VMware SnapShots. With simple and complete integration, the Pure Storage FlashArray support for VVOLs 2.0 and VASA 3.0 enable VM Granular Storage, Storage Policy Based Management, Non Disruptive Upgrades, and a Highly Available VASA provider, all managed via vCenter. The benefits of VVOLs 2.0 are compelling and migration with FlashArray is EASY. Learn more from Pure's vExpert, Cody Hosterman.


Featured Speaker: 

Cody Hosterman, Technical Director, Pure Storage