ARcare Speeds Medical Data with Pure Storage


  • Continual system overload made it difficult for employees to quickly access critical electronic medical records and practice management applications essential for daily operations.
  • Legacy backend storage could not support the company's VDI strategy, which had been designed to improve data access and security.
  • Queuing issues affected remote sessions for all users, including delays and disconnects of virtual desktop sessions.
  • Frequent system freezes while trying to tackle performance issues made it difficult for IT administrators to pinpoint problem areas.


  • Migrated 180 virtual desktops to FlashArray FA-320.
  • The FlashArray allowed ARcare to scale out virtual desktop deployments and enabled rollout of VDI throughout the company.
  • Data dedupulication within the FlashArray reduced ARcare's data footprint by 79%.
  • Storage utilization rates fell from 90% to 19%.
  • Latency issues were eliminated with sub-millisecond response rates for virtual desktop users.
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I can’t stress the FlashArray at all; it can handle anything I throw at it.

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