Healthcare Storage Management Greatly Simplified


Bend Memorial Clinic is committed to offering its patients the highest quality of care, and devotes its IT resources to supporting that goal. When lagging performance of its legacy storage system caused frequent and severe slowdowns in key applications used by caregivers, the clinic installed an all-flash array from Pure Storage. Since then, performance problems have disappeared, implementation of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has moved forward successfully, and the IT staff spends virtually no time managing storage.


  • Inconsistent legacy storage system performance caused frequent and severe slowdowns in application response times.
  • Frequent lags in VDI storage performance negatively impacted patient satisfaction and the productivity of care providers.
  • A planned transition from Allscripts to Epic software required substantially higher IOPS performance from the storage system.

Use Case:

  • VSI – VMware® vSphere®
  • VDI – Citrix® XenDesktop®
  • Database – Epic Caché

Business Transformation:

  • Dramatic improvements in response time of key applications for serving clients improved patient and employee satisfaction. IT staff spend almost no time managing storage, freeing them to focus on improving operational efficiency and the quality of time doctors spend with patients.

IT Transformation:

  • Virtual machine log-in times have dropped from 1.5 minutes to seconds.
  • Support tickets for slow performance have vanished.
  • Barriers impeding a VDI rollout were removed.
“We have been able to put so much more on the array than we ever thought possible.”
Allen Fox, IS Infrastructure Manager, Bend Memorial Clinic

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