Technological Renovation Based on Flash Array

Corporación Montana, a company focused on developing solutions to meet the needs of the agricultural industry, as well as nutrition and animal health, sought to improve the response times of its applications and reduce the space in the data center. After evaluating different options, it chose to replace its legacy mechanical disk storage with Pure Storage 100% flash storage. As a result of the deployment of the FlashArray//M20, processes that took more than six hours are now completed within 45 minutes. 


  • Reduce the space used by the storage platform within data center.
  • Increase processing speed.
  • Reduce applications’ response times.
  • Minimize information security risks by reducing backup and restoration times. 

Use Case:

  • Database – SQL Server
  • BI – Integration Service 

Business Transformation: 
Thanks to the FlashArray//M20 deployment, Business Intelligence reports are completed on-time, allowing executives to receive information that enables them to make well-informed decisions first thing in the morning. 

IT Transformation:

  • The new storage array reduced the data center space requirements down from 12 rack units to three.
  • Business Intelligence reports, previously taking 6.5 hours to complete with delivery between 10 and 11 a.m., now take 45 minutes and are delivered at 6 a.m.
  • Backup, which took up to 12 hours to restore, now allows snapshots to be taken every 15 minutes. 
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“We focused on storage because we realized that processors were similar among different vendors and provided similar performance. The difference was in the storage.
Jean Paul Alfaro, Manager of Information Technology, Administration and Finance

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