A Bounty of Benefits by Switching to FlashArray

North Texas Food Bank insures that residents-in-need across a 13-county area receive complete, nutritious meals. Its IT department plays a key role in helping the organization fulfill its mission by supporting an efficient supply-chain operation that relies on accurate data to ensure that food reaches the greatest number of people, and that donations are used most effectively. When its legacy spinning disk storage system had reached its capacity, causing a marked decline in performance, the organization replaced it with a FlashArray from Pure Storage. Since then, data-access times have improved dramatically, IT processes are measurably more efficient, and the research staff receives more useful and timely data thanks to new analytics reports that can now be delivered due to improved storage.


  • Legacy storage system had reached its capacity, and sluggish performance was creating bottlenecks in data access.
  • Users throughout the organization were complaining about slow data access times.
  • Growing need for additional reports about people in need and food distribution effectiveness was frustrated by maxed-out storage system.

Use Case:

  • Database – SQL Server
  • VSI – Microsoft Hyper-V
  • ERP – Microsoft Dynamics

Business Transformation: 
Supply chain operations run more efficiently so that the food bank can deliver over 62 million meals a year to those in need.

IT Transformation:

  • Data-access times slashed dramatically.
  • Time required to generate critical reports cut by up to 90%.
  • Storage management requirements reduced to nearly zero.
“Evergreen Storage was a key component in our decision to go with Pure. After being used to storage replacement cycles of 4 or 5 years, we’re now looking at a lifecycle of 9 or 10 years.”
Mike Wood, Senior Systems Manager, North Texas Food Bank

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