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Speed your business growth by simplifying IT: deploy easily, consolidate everything, and manage from the cloud – all while improving performance and resiliency. Pure Storage makes it simple.

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"The workloads we're running on flash and Pure – are actually all of our workloads… It's very easy to use, very stable, and very resilient."
The Nielsen Company
Alex Patent, VP - Global Infrastructure Architecture



We're Certain You'll Love Your Storage

If you're not completely thrilled with your storage, return it for a full refund. It's the broadest guarantee in the storage industry.

Simple Deployment, Easy Automation

We’ll have you up and running fast. No extra controllers, servers, or tuning. Automate and integrate everything, easily.

Consolidate and Accelerate

Accelerate and consolidate all your workloads on shared infrastructure without sacrificing performance or efficiency.

Cloud-Based Management and Support

Manage your FlashArray simply, from any device. And relax – we monitor continuously and fix most issues proactively.

10+ Years of Value, No Disruptions

Get value from your storage for a decade or more, with 100% performance through failure and upgrades – and no data migrations.

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