Try Pure1 VM Analytics … No FlashArray Required

Introducing Pure1® VM Analytics, full-stack performance analytics to help your IT admins identify infrastructure bottlenecks and minimize their time to resolution. Powered by Pure1’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engine, META™, with predictive analytics and proactive support, now you can go beyond just managing your storage.

  • Single pane of glass to monitor arrays, VMs, volumes, hosts and data stores across private and public cloud e.g. AWS
  • An intuitive visual map of the entire infrastructure showing bottlenecks and performance issues
  • Faster troubleshooting and time to resolution
  • Try out VM Analytics - no need for a FlashArray

Signing up for a trial is simple - just complete the form on this page.  Note that access to the trial is limited and not all applicants may be accepted.  Pure Storage will notify you accordingly on your acceptance to the trial.

This trial is limited to non-production workloads using VMWare only. Trial participants must agree to Pure's terms of use.

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