Tap into Modern Analytics, How to Get Started with AI

NVIDIA, Pure Storage, and Datalogue would like to invite you to a joint session on how to harness the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning for your big data challenges. Telcos ingest a tremendous amount of data and AI can potentially unlock new insights faster than other traditional approaches. 

Attendees will hear from industry experts on how the NVIDIA DGX Deep Learning Platform and Pure Storage FlashBlade reduces the complexity of building AI data pipeline. They will also share examples of how AI was deployed in real-world use cases and learning in these deployments. Datalogue will show how to get started in your AI journey, turning data into consumable data for the AI pipeline.

Featured Speakers: 

Eric Harper, Data Scientist and Solutions Architect for Deep Learning and AI, Nvidia

Johanan Ottensooser, Chief Strategy Officer, Datalogue

Roy Kim, AI & Analytics Lead, Director of Product Marketing, Pure Storage

Featured Technology Partners

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