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How Direct Memory Cache Can Help Power Your Mission Critical Workloads with Pure Storage and Intel Optane

Pure FlashArray//X with Direct Memory Modules deliver the low latency and throughput you need for your most critical applications.
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Thousands of large organizations rely on Pure Storage FlashArray systems to run their most critical apps. These are often online transaction processing apps that handle everything from credit card transactions, to hotel reservations, to stock trades. For these workloads, FlashArray//X and direct memory cache modules, which rely on Intel Optane SSDs, to deliver performance that's almost as fast as dynamic RAM but much less costly. These memory modules can be added quickly and non-disruptively to FlashArray deployments to automatically reduce read latency and increase throughput. Direct memory cache is especially useful for read-intensive workloads including SAP HANA, analytics and reporting, and electronic design automation.

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