In a complex world, simplicity is more important than ever to succeed.

TED and Pure Storage present The Power of Simplicity. Join us at an exclusive event for business leaders and world-changers.

Hear from some of the world’s leading experts on complex systems, to discover how complex doesn’t have to mean complicated.

Learn to identify patterns in massive amounts of data, navigate complicated issues with greater awareness, and distill complex information into a simple answer that could transform your business.


Date: Tuesday, 5th December 2017

Time: 8:30 AM (Registration & Breakfast) - 10.30 AM

Venue: Grand Hyatt Singapore

10 Scotts Road, Singapore, 228211



Simplifying Complexity - Eric Berlow

Simplicity and Innovation- John Hayes

Pure Storage - The Power of Simplicity - Vaughn Stewart




Eric Berlow

TED Senior Fellow

Dr. Eric Berlow is an ecologist and network scientist who co-founded Vibrant Data,  a data science and data visualization company that was acquired by Rakuten in 2016, where he now serves as Head of Science. Berlow is internationally recognized for his research on ecological complexity – with articles in Nature, Science, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that have received Thomson Reuter’s Most Highly Cited Papers awards.  His two talks on explore themes of finding hidden patterns in complex data.  Prior to Vibrant Data, Berlow was the director of the University of California’s first science institute inside Yosemite National Park, which focused on facilitating data-driven decisions for protecting natural ecosystems. Berlow has received a TED Fellowship, a TED Senior Fellowship, an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, and a National Science Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship. He was named one of the Top 100 Creatives by Origin Magazine. Berlow holds a  B.A. in Biology from Brown University and a PhD in Ecology from Oregon State University.

John Hayes

CEO, Ghost Locomotion
Founder and Advisor, Pure Storage

John Hayes joined John Colgrove to co-found Pure Storage in 2009 after serving in Yahoo!'s Office of the Chief Technologist, where he investigated web architectures for collaborative development of highly-reliable systems. He joined Yahoo! via the acquisition of Bix, where he was a founding engineer. John's work prior to Yahoo! focused on developing distributed platforms for real-time interpersonal interaction in a variety of areas including entertainment, medicine, psychology, and defense.

During this time, John became interested in the underlying architecture of reliable distributed systems, particularly those built from unreliable components. His diverse experiences have led him to develop new approaches to make today's increasingly complex distributed systems more reliable. John holds a degree in Computer and Systems Engineering from Guelph University in Ontario, Canada.

Vaughn Stewart

VP of Technology, Pure Storage

Vaughn Stewart is a VP of Technology for Pure Storage where he helps organisations capitalise on what’s possible from an all-flash storage infrastructure. Prior to Pure he spent 13 years in various leadership roles at NetApp, directing aliance, engineering and technical marketing strategies. He has also been awarded a U.S. patent.

Vaughn strives to simplify the technically complex and advocates thinking outside the box. You can find his perspective online in his blog and in print. He has co-authored a number of books including “Virtualization Changes Everything: Storage Strategies for VMware vSphere & Cloud Computing”.