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Virtualisation and Containerisation – Better Together

Virtualisation and containerisation have recently been pitched as the old vs the new. Traditional vs Modern. VMware wrote the book on virtualisation, and it’s just as relevant now in this world of cloud and containers.

Future-Ready Solutions

The depth of experience and knowledge that exists across the marketplace with VMware is enormous - and with developments like VMware Tanzu, VMware is showing how that experience can be leveraged to bring efficiency, simplicity and reduced risk to Kubernetes environments.


Storage is one area that is still critical and common to both environments - and the need to optimise and manage storage for modern workloads has never been more important. That's why Pure Storage have been developing future-ready solutions in conjunction with VMware that are engineered to run any application on any cloud. It's about simplifying operations, while eliminating risk, and driving innovation at speed without ever having to worry about storage again.

IDC Technology Spotlight

Download the IDC Technology Spotlight paper to gain valuable insights on how Enterprises move containerised applications to production quickly and reliably on a Kubernetes data services platform that is:

  • Scalable
  • Granular, application-focused operations
  • Optimized for a hybrid, multicloud environment
  • A comprehensive Kubernetes storage stack

To demonstrate this, we have created two videos that explore two aspects of the VMware and Pure Storage world across both traditional and modern workloads.

Abstracting the storage interface from your Kubernetes environment via CSI.

Getting end-to-end visibility across your disks, VMs, data store volumes and arrays with Pure1® VM analytics.

Modernize Application Development

The Pure Validated Design for VMware vSphere Tanzu enables VM admins to effortlessly serve and accelerate Kubernetes resources.

Pure1® VM Analytics: The Smartest Way to Manage Data Storage

Try it now for free and discover:

  • Complete visibility of your array, VMs, volumes, hosts, and data stores
  • Faster troubleshooting and time to resolution with full-stack performance analytics
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