Simplify SAP Landscapes

SAP infrastructure can be complex, time-consuming, and costly when run on slow, inefficient disk storage or non-optimized hybrid storage systems. There's a better way: Pure Storage all-flash delivers transformative speed and a whole host of operational, management, and disaster recovery benefits that disk-based architectures simply cannot touch. Accelerate your business today.


SAP Certified

Pure Storage FlashArray//m is now certified by SAP as an enterprise storage solution for the SAP HANA® platform. Pure Storage participates in SAP's Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) option, which helps help customers in choosing compute, networking and storage components for SAP HANA. More information on certification

Run Fast and Agile

Deploy 3x faster, get consistent sub-millisecond latency with 99.999% availability, and upgrade and expand easily, without disruption. Eliminate layers of complexity. Forget storage tuning, tiers, maintenance windows, and data migrations. Centralize management with Pure Storage vSphere Plug-in. Simple.

Lower Infrastructure Costs

Our industry-leading data reduction means you buy less storage – and that storage comes with dramatically lower TCO. Save on power, cooling, management, and space through Pure Storage all-flash. Best of all, you'll never need to migrate your data – no forklift upgrades.

Cut SAP Backup Operations by 5x

Pure Storage snapshots are nearly instantaneous and highly space-efficient, even when the data volumes are large. This allows system administrators to greatly speed up the backup/recovery process with minimal effect on production environments.

Lay the Foundation for SAP HANA

SAP HANA will enable a new generation of applications capable of analyzing large quantities of data in real-time. Pure Storage all-flash is the SAP-certified foundation you need to maximize HANA's power.

Additional Data Reduction

FlashArray//m can achieve an additional 1.9-2.3x data reduction beyond what HANA is capable of. That greater efficiency saves you money.

Save HANA CPU Cycles

Turn off HANA's encryption. You can save HANA processing power (for more efficient Query processing) by using the more complete encryption provided by FlashArray//m.

Backup and Recovery Included

Fast and efficient snapshots are part of every FlashArray. Automate the backup and recovery process and achieve very low RTO and RPO. No need to invest in Backint tools!

Lower Overall HANA Costs

Pure Storage can lower your HANA costs without affecting Query performance. Dynamic Tiering allows you to separate cold and warm data, which you'll move to FlashArray, from hot data, which stays on SAP HANA. 

"Our analytics application was bringing our high-end disk storage array to its knees. Moving to Pure Storage gave us tons of performance headroom, and our Microsoft SQL data was reduced 9-to-1; we were shocked!"
Jeff Geltz, CIO
"I don’t ever need to use a physical host again. Pure Storage enables me to virtualize everything."
David Comben, Head of IT
Investec Asset Management
"For the first time, we’re excited about storage."
Jason Strom, IT Manager
Factory Motor Parts

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