An Unexpected Opportunity to Accelerate your Applications

As a DBA, you are the guardian of your company’s data. You hold the keys to data protection, availability and performance - the foundations for IT innovation and business growth. You spend inordinate amounts of time fine tuning the database systems, and yet parameters outside your domain – storage Infrastructure – can have a massive impact on database operations.

SAP Certified

Pure Storage FlashArray//m is now certified by SAP as an enterprise storage solution for the SAP HANA® platform. Pure Storage participates in SAP's Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) option, which helps help customers in choosing compute, networking and storage components for SAP HANA. 

Run Fast and Agile

Deploy 3x faster, get consistent sub-millisecond latency with 99.999% availability, and upgrade and expand easily, without disruption. Eliminate layers of complexity. Forget storage tuning, tiers, maintenance windows, and data migrations. Centralize management with Pure Storage vSphere Plug-in. Simple.

Lower Infrastructure Costs

Our industry-leading data reduction means you buy less storage – and that storage comes with dramatically lower TCO. Save on power, cooling, management, and space through Pure Storage all-flash. Best of all, you'll never need to migrate your data – no forklift upgrades.

Simple to copy to database

See how easy it is to copy databases

Gartner Report: The Rise of the Operational DBMS Market

Are your business owners experimenting with NoSQL databases?  Learn what use cases are changing the landscape for enterprise-class database systems as they transform from classic OLTP to Operational DBMS. This report is written by Gartner Distinguished Analyst and VP Donald Fienberg and Research VP Merv Adrian.

Making Real Time Business Finally A Reality

For most enterprises, 60 to 73 percent of enterprise data goes unused for business-intelligence

(BI) and analytics efforts, according to Forrester.1

Data that is out of sight or out of date creates a competitive blind spot for businesses today.

With customer demands, economic changes, and new trends and technologies evolving at

a dizzying pace, staying relevant — not to mention competitive — requires that businesses

access all available BI to be flexible and agile. Businesses must have quick access to data that

is comprehensive, accurate, current, and consumable in real time. A traditional infrastructure,

where the online analytical processing (OLAP) platform and the online transaction processing

(OLTP) platform are separate, makes flexibility and agility difficult to achieve.

The Road To Hana

6 incremental steps on your way to SAP HANA can

deliver impressive benefits now while helping you

prepare for a full SAP HANA implementation.


Simple, Fast Deployment of 100% Flash Infrastructure

for SAP Environments

Learn how Skullcandy accelerated Oracle analytics

Skullcandy, who markets specialized audio products for action sport athletes and the general consumer market, depends heavily on data analysis to make intelligent business decisions. That analysis engine relies on a virtualized data center based on VMware vSphere, which hosts large client databases, a data warehouse, forecasting systems and business reporting. 

How to Make Oracle Databases Faster and More Efficient with Pure Storage

Data (and database management systems, like Oracle) have never been more critical for competitive advantage. All modern IT initiatives – cloud, real time analytics, Internet of Things – intrinsically need to leverage more data, more quickly. All-flash storage is a next generation infrastructure technology that has the potential to unlock a new level of employee productivity and accelerate your business by reducing the amount of time spent waiting for database and applications.

Using Flash Storage to Drive Performance and Efficiency

Unlock the true potential of your Oracle database and applications with an all-flash storage infrastructure. Learn how flash can not only accelerate database performance, but also simplify database operations andadministration, while reducing overall cost of Oracle environments by 30%.

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