The Ultimate AI-Ready Infrastructure is Here

The dawn of the AI-era presents enterprises with a unique opportunity for innovation and competitive advantage. That’s why Pure and NVIDIA architected AIRI™ and AIRI “Mini” – the first integrated solutions for AI-at-scale.

Meet AIRI – An Industry First

Simple, yet powerful, AIRI is without precedent or comparison – shattering the complexities of AI infrastructure with a completely integrated solution. Check it out.

Tomorrow, every business will be powered by AI

Enterprises face an extraordinary opportunity to build new industries, or lead existing ones, by innovating with their data.

Today, AI is within reach of every enterprise

Announcing AIRI “Mini” – the smallest AI-ready data center you can deploy, yet likely the most powerful. Mini starts with the performance of 30 racks of legacy infrastructure and offers effortless elastic scale. Begin your AI journey today.

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“AIRI represents an exciting breakthrough for AI adoption in the enterprise, shattering the barrier of infrastructure complexities and clearing the path to jumpstart any organization’s AI initiative. AIRI is built with the same core solutions ElementAI uses extensively both internally and with its customers.”
Jeremy Barnes, Chief Architect

What’s AIRI
Capable Of?

Extending the power of the NVIDIA DGX-1 systems with the massively-parallel, all-flash performance of Pure FlashBlade™, AIRI is an essential tool for data scientists to run critical training workloads at scale – while slashing time-to-insight from weeks to hours.

Kickstart your Deep Learning

AIRI delivers the performance of 10s of racks of legacy CPUs and disk in less than 1/2 a rack. It’s simple to use, so enterprises can hit the ground running with AI initiatives. And it scales easily as your training and datasets grow.


AIRI powers multi-node deep learning out-of-the-box, delivering linear-scale performance for critical training workloads. It’s built on state-of-the-art technologies like RDMA over 100Gb Ethernet and leading software tools.


Get started in hours, not weeks. NVIDIA GPU Cloud Deep Learning Stack delivers optimized frameworks immediately – while the AIRI Scale-out Training Kit enables a quick start on multi-DGX-1 training workloads.


The most advanced platform for real-world AI, AIRI also offers the simplest scalable architecture for demands at any scale. Add GPUs for faster training, and/or add blades for bigger datasets. AIRI grows with your AI workload needs – without downtime.

Skip the part about complexity

Many real-world AI initiatives are stalled by complex infrastructure and legacy technologies. AIRI, by contrast, is built with a complete software stack, meaning you get up and running in a few hours, rather than weeks or months.


Pure Storage FlashBlade



Leave data silos behind. Data hub is a single, unified platform that enables you to consolidate your data and accelerate your data-intensive apps with all-flash power.

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“Data is the fuel driving the AI revolution. With access to one of the world’s largest tumor pathology archives, we needed the most advanced deep learning infrastructure to quickly turn massive amounts of data to clinically-validated AI applications. That’s when we turned to NVIDIA DGX-1 and Pure Storage FlashBlade.”
Thomas Fuchs, Founder, Chief Science Officer


Among the new wave of AI-driven innovations on the horizon is the autonomous, self-driving vehicle. Zenuity, a joint venture of Volvo and Autoliv, aims to build autonomous driving software for production vehicles by 2021 - an effort powered by NVIDIA DGX-1 servers and Pure FlashBlade systems.


Talk to us about how AIRI can enable your AI initiatives – and discuss details with our Authorized AIRI Resellers. They include:

  • World Wide Technology
  • Trace3
  • FusionStorm
  • ePlus
  • Groupware Technology
  • PNY Technologies
  • XENON Systems

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