Considering Your SAP HANA Implementation? How to Reduce Costs and Optimize Performance


Deploying SAP HANA is a major business decision that impacts the entire SAP infrastructure. Due to the dramatic changes it can bring to an enterprise, many organizations find themselves debating the pros and cons of embarking on their SAP HANA journey. 

This webinar will provide guidance on whether you should begin that journey by discussing how you can minimize the costs and complications of an SAP HANA implementation. Learn how you can drastically reduce the cost of SAP HANA and achieve performance that will quickly prove business results. Watch now for: 

• Thought leadership on techniques for implementing SAP HANA solutions 
• Experiences and lessons from real-life organizations that successfully implemented SAP HANA 
• Guidance on how you can start your SAP HANA implementation in the next 12 months 

Featured Speakers:

Axel Streichardt, Head of Business Applications - SAP, Pure Storage 

John Karagozian, Global Strategic Alliance lead, SAP, Pure Storage 

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