Business Continuity: Real-World Customer Study

We are in a digital economy. One where our resources and data center infrastructure act as direct engines for the business. In fact, our reliance on data center resources is so great, that even a slow down in the business could have massive consequences. So, what happens if it all fails? Similarly, how do you even test your high-availability disaster recovery plan without impacting your business?

Kremsmueller, a large Austrian construction company with operations worldwide, took a head-on approach to designing a powerful resiliency architecture to achieve the greatest levels of business continuity. As a large company, ensuring that the business stays running was absolutely critical. Challenges revolved around finding the right people to deploy the solution, the amount of management a robust business resiliency architecture required, and, of course, cost and unplanned downtime.

To ensure optimal business operations and the best possible design, they turned to Pure Storage. In this webinar, we'll interview Alex Ietan, IT Infrastructure leader, of Kremsmueller to learn about their challenges and road to success with business continuity. Specifically, we'll discuss:

  • The importance of business continuity in today's always-on, always-connected world
  • A look at some of Kremsmueller's resiliency challenges
  • How Kremsmueller overcame these challenges with a simple yet powerful design
  • Selecting and working with the right business continuity and disaster recovery technologies (and how great partners make your life easier)
  • Understanding the business outcomes of a good resiliency design

Bill Kleyman

Director of Technology Solutions, EPAM Systems

Alexander Ietan

Deputy CIO, Kremsmueller Lndustrieanlagenbau KG