Getting to a Digital State: How to Leverage Extensibility and Automation with Pure Storage's PowerShell SDK, REST APIs, and more

A big initiative for many organizations has been to reduce fragmentation and complexity within their data center. In fact, your inability to manage the extensibility of your infrastructure can seriously hinder any digital initiatives your organization might have. This is a big reason why so many IT environments turn to the power of Powershell, great REST APIs, and other tools to truly integrate their data center ecosystem. Remember, at the core of your data center sits your storage platform: the environment which helps house, manage, and distribute your most valuable data assets. The organizations that can leverage the power of their storage platform get value from their data the fastest.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Leveraging data is one thing. Integrating advanced storage and digital solutions means taking your platform to a new level… Coupled closely with the ability to make your environment more extensible, you can also enable greater levels of automation. Being able to do things like single-click provisioning, controlling data repositories, and optimizing the delivery of application data isn’t just something to improve data center operation. These benefits also help your business become a lot more competitive.

This webinar will demonstrate how you can leverage various toolkits, integrations, and strategies to enable greater amounts of extensibility and automation. Specifically, we’ll cover:

  • Key trends around automation and your data center
  • The power of integration and the API
  • Best practices around data center, storage, and application integration
  • How to leverage Pure Storage PowerShell SDK, PowerShell Toolkit, Integrations, and REST APIs
  • Working with open integrations to enable support for programmatic interfaces and extensibility
  • How advanced toolkits will help drive automation

Featured Speakers: 

Bill Kleyman, Chief Technology Officer, MTM Technologies

Barkz, Technical Director, Pure Storage