Pure Storage® is leading the flash revolution – disrupting existing business models and providing better value to customers. Partnering is one of our core objectives – and one of our strengths. Together, we can power growth and profitability while transforming an industry.


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Why Become Partners With Pure Storage?

1. Trust – Get transparency across all aspects of the partnership and support that places you and the customer first.

2. Innovation – Gain access to the latest technology innovation – and a disruptive business model.

3. Differentiation – Offer IT and business transformation through strategic product offerings.

4. Opportunity – Extend market reach with land and expand opportunities.

5. Value Add – Show customers higher, demonstrable customer ROI and offer to eliminate disruptive upgrades.

"We put our customers trust in Pure Storage because the technology works and they are accountable by always being there to answer the hard questions."
Tim Jeans
"We partner with Pure because it enhances our ability to create true business outcomes for our customers through disruption and innovation."
Steve Johnson
Corus 360
"Customers no longer have to fear expensive maintenance contracts to keep their data center performing..."
Claudio Roche
Allen Group

Pure Storage is 100% Partner-Focused

We're committed to your success.

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