Modern Data Infrastructure Meets Cloud-Like Simplicity with Pure


Allant Group, a leader among customer analytics service providers , provides data analysis and consulting services that help its clients acquire, retain and win back customers. Allant’s clients include major companies in financial services, insurance, retail, media and publishing. Typically, business-intelligence personnel at the client either work with Allant’s data scientists to mine insights from data, or access Allant’s data analytics system directly to submit queries.


  • Clients with ever-growing volumes of data need faster response time to queries.
  • Clients also need more complex analyses to quickly model the effectiveness of potential marketing programs.

Use Case:

  • FlashBlade – Data analytics, Hortonworks®
  • Database – Oracle®, Hadoop®
  • VSI – VMware® vSphere®

Business Transformation:

Clients develop measurably improved marketing programs thanks to the insights and analysis that Allant develops, using FlashBlade and FlashStack solutions from Pure Storage.

IT Transformation:

  • New, high-impact applications are now offered to clients.
  • Dedicated storage administrator positions no longer required.

“We already were happy with our FlashArray, and the experience with FlashBlade has reinforced that Pure Storage is a great partner for Allant.”

Dave Rosenstein, Manager, Systems Administration

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