Pure as-a-Service Included Services Description


Scope covered

Installation Services

  • Install, expand and upgrade implementation support and services.
  • Provide advice on best practices around host integration, architecture, design, migration services and site planning

Onboarding Services

  • Define and govern standards for project initiation through project completion: staging, presentation, and sign off of key deliverables such as Project Kick-offs, Project Plans, Change Orders, planning sessions, regular status, and Risk reports
  • Resources onboarding and coordination with end customer, as required
  • Fulfillment tracking, installations and coordination

Pure as-a- Service Customer Success

  • Named Customer Success Manager to help manage and support the service subscription needs
  • 365x24x7 Premium Support with 4-hour Sev1 Service Infrastructure replacement
  • Proactive monitoring for SLA/SLOs, health checks and code upgrade assessments
  • Non-disruptive remote software upgrades
  • Capacity management with customized capacity plans supporting proactive deployments and upgrades for service infrastructure
  • Support Escalation Management and personalized support, as required
  • Engage technical expertise (Implementation, Integration, Solution Architects, Technical Training, etc.) as required
  • Engage Service Account Manager, Service Delivery Managers and other resources as required to deliver the service
  • Returns, exit planning, and secure data erase support

Portworx Essentials

  • Included at no extra charge with all Pure-as-a-Service subscriptions.


Last Updated August 25, 2021

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