What is a Forklift Upgrade?

Forklift upgrades are complete overhauls of the IT infrastructure: old and outdated storage is ripped out and replaced with the latest technology. Forklift upgrades are driven by architectural incompatibilities between storage generations or limitations in scale-out architectures that can’t add newer nodes to existing arrays or clusters. 

For decades, storage customers faced a repeating cycle of maintenance cost escalations, expensive array repurchases, risky data migrations, and resource intensive planning – every 3 to 5 years. Forklift upgrades represent tremendous risk, expense, and waste that keep IT budgets focused on running infrastructure instead of innovating and growing their business.

Pure Storage pioneered a new storage ownership model called Evergreen™ Storage that has revolutionized the entire storage industry. Evergreen Storage keeps storage dense, efficient and modern through every stage of the ownership lifecycle, for 10 years or more, with streamlined customer service and exceptional ROI.