What is Microsoft SQL?

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system. It’s a secure and scalable database platform that offers in-memory performance, security, end-to-end mobile BI, and advanced analytics.

The speed with which business applications can respond to user requests is often the measurement of how IT is perceived by the organization. As a result, IT departments spend a lot of time and resources making sure their database applications are running at peak performance at all times. Thus the infrastructure that surrounds SQL is critical to meeting user performance expectations. While CPU and memory resources have continued to improve to deliver an acceptable performance experience, storage infrastructure has not. Now, however, all-flash storage systems have come to market alongside significantly improved network infrastructures to finally reduce, and potentially eliminate, the performance bottleneck. The pay-off for an all-flash investment is not just performance: an all-flash array can lower operational, licensing and server hardware costs while simplifying database design and maintenance. At the same time, an all-flash array also eliminates the complexity of designing a storage system to support a database application.