Smart Storage Enables Digital Transformation

Leverage the speed and efficiency of all-flash technology for a simple, scalable,
high- performance data centre environment; one of the most powerful strategic
assets a Financial Services organisation can possess.


Deliver a superior user experience for customers and staff, increased security and compliance and deal with growing data volumes while reducing the overall total cost of ownership.

10x the Performance of Disk

Better online services for customers, and faster analytics for improved decision-making.

Non-Disruptive Upgrades

Update software or upgrade controllers with no planned downtime and no data migration – ever.

All-Inclusive Security

With data at rest encryption and Rapid Data Lock technology, sensitive data remains private and secure.

Radical Simplicity

Easy setup and operation – the instruction manual fits on two sides of a business card.

No Maintenance Extortion

With our Evergreen Storage model, maintenance costs stay flat year after year.

No 5-7 Year Replacement Cycle

Avoid the traditional re-purchase cycle, significantly reducing regular CAPEX requests.

Accelerate Application Performance

Accelerate your most critical applications by moving to all-flash storage. Underpin your digital transformation strategy, safe in the knowledge that your critical data is secure and compliant, whilst you innovate at speed.

Scale Easily

With hundreds or thousands of applications running in your datacenters, a fast, scalable virtualized infrastructure brings order to what can be an IT nightmare. Pure Storage can host these applications and improve performance, availability and capacity.

Cloud Computing – with peace of mind

Leverage the flexibility of scalable, on-demand cloud compute while maintaining the security, control, and privacy of your data. The combination of Pure Storage all-flash and Microsoft Azure provides a hybrid cloud solution for workloads requiring high-performance storage and cloud burst compute while meeting strict data security, governance, and compliance requirements.

Key Resources

Read more about Pure's industry-leading technology and products and their applications within the Financial Services sector.

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“We need partners who are transforming our business and not just refreshing our business every three years.”
Rael Mussell, VP of IT Support
Credit Acceptance Corp
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“It means we are able to move ahead without delay when we want to roll out a new product or service to our customers because we’re assured we’ll have the capacity.”
Mark duBarry, VP & Director of Technology
Wilson Bank & Trust
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“We work with money, which means we can't miss a single transaction. The system has to be up and running 24/7. And that's exactly what the Pure Storage systems ensure. We've had an uptime of 100% so far.”
Jerome Deluge, Enterprise Architect
Ingenico Financial Solutions

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