Investment in Pure Storage Pays Big Dividends


After it moved to a virtualized IT environment, performance on log-ins and critical applications became a persistent problem at Wilson Bank & Trust. The bank’s legacy spinning-disk SAN simply couldn’t meet the performance demands of its VDI deployment. With the assistance of system integrator Hogan Consulting Group, the latency problems were diagnosed in two hours and a FlashArray from Pure Storage was installed and running within days. Since then, application and log-in performance problems have disappeared, storage management is vastly simplified, and new technology-enabled services for customers are being rolled out more quickly.


  • High latencies causing unacceptable delays in many key applications
  • Could not pinpoint the problem source and therefore the solution

Use Case:

Business Transformation:

  • Employees experience dramatically faster applications and information requests, improving workforce productivity

IT Transformation:

  • VDI latencies slashed by up to 90%
  • Performance problems disappear from key applications
“Within 24 hours of the array arriving, we were running production applications on the Pure array.”
Mark duBarry, Vice President and Director of Technology, Wilson Bank & Trust

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