The Science of Simple

The formula for maximum Oracle database performance: Speed + Simplicity. Learn how to apply the Science of Simple in order to achieve your business goals. Accelerate what's possible for your organization today.

An Unexpected Opportunity to Accelerate your Applications

As a DBA, you are the guardian of your company’s data. You hold the keys to data protection, availability and performance - the foundations for IT innovation and business growth. You spend inordinate amounts of time fine tuning the database systems, and yet parameters outside your domain – storage Infrastructure – can have a massive impact on database operations.


Oracle environments are complicated to setup. Traditional storage infrastructure adds another layer of bottlenecks that you have to manage - storage tiers, RAID groups, spindles, LUNs.


The cost to deploy, monitor and maintain an Oracle environment can be astronomical. Capital and operating costs put pressure on database teams to do more with less.


Database and application teams are expected to support ever increasing SLAs with fewer resources. DBAs often have to spend hours tuning the database stack to gain only marginal performance benefits.

Introducing Chas Dye, the Database Guy!

Meet Chas Dye, the dynamic and wonderfully informed database architect who advises users around the world on the science of database optimization. He's uplifting, he's quixotic, he's a database optimization scientist who explains how databases get better and worse in different scenarios.

In this episode, Chas Dye discusses the impact of flash storage on database IO.


全快閃儲存系統 全面普及化

全快閃儲存系統改變了企業級 IT 產業的遊戲規則。其發展速度之快,IDC 不 得不上修對 2014 和 2015 兩年的市場預測。快閃產品比預估還早了兩年就達 到了 16 億美元的市場規模,這間研究公司隨後將 2015 年的預測值從原先的 18 億美元上修至 22.4 億美元。(註1) 

加速企業儲存 迎接雲端時代

IT佈局正迅速轉移到能夠數位轉化的雲端模式。IDC說「雲端至上」 將會成為企業新的標準口號,代表今日IT主要的新創若缺少了雲 端基礎就不可能達成。IDC預測十年後企業在雲瑞服務及相關軟 硬體及管理上的費用將超過5千億美元,比目前還要多三倍。1未來 兩年內其他研究計劃的工作有超過50%以上將在雲端環境運行。2 




強化雲端應用軟體的 4個原因

雲端運算正在改變組織的發展並提供各種應用程式。開發團隊 可使用個人、公共或是混和雲端空間快速建立新的基礎架構,以 免影響現有的資源或是作業。在完成一個項目後,資源可以回到 集中處,並再行使用。此舉增加了時間的價值,並大幅減少成本。 

Learn how Skullcandy accelerated Oracle analytics

Skullcandy, who markets specialized audio products for action sport athletes and the general consumer market, depends heavily on data analysis to make intelligent business decisions. That analysis engine relies on a virtualized data center based on VMware vSphere, which hosts large client databases, a data warehouse, forecasting systems and business reporting. 

加速企業儲存 迎接雲端時代

Data (and database management systems, like Oracle) have never been more critical for competitive advantage. All modern IT initiatives – cloud, real time analytics, Internet of Things – intrinsically need to leverage more data, more quickly. All-flash storage is a next generation infrastructure technology that has the potential to unlock a new level of employee productivity and accelerate your business by reducing the amount of time spent waiting for database and applications.

Using Flash Storage to Drive Performance and Efficiency

Unlock the true potential of your Oracle database and applications with an all-flash storage infrastructure. Learn how flash can not only accelerate database performance, but also simplify database operations andadministration, while reducing overall cost of Oracle environments by 30%.

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