Transformation in Financial Institutions

In this white paper, IDC will discuss the impact of flash storage as a critical enabler for digital transformation in EMEA financial institutions, enabling the delivery of a superior user experience for customers and staff, increasing security and compliance, powering new analytics capabilities, and dealing with growing data volumes while reducing the overall total cost of ownership.

The sheer expansion of data and the need for high performance dictates that, in the not so-distant future, data storage will either sit in the public cloud or on in-house all-flash array systems, depending on how critical the data is for the enterprise.

Download the report and gain insights into:

  • How new business models are on the rise to support the next generation of analytics which require even more performance and faster access to a growing number of data sources.
  • Why there is massive opportunity for financial institutions to become disrupters by widening their scope and exploring new opportunities outside their traditional domain.
  • How flash storage will play a critical role in enabling financial institutions to go through digital transformation and move from being a product- to a data-driven organization.
  • How the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) drives the modernization of data centers.