Faster Time-to-Market with OpenStack and FlashArray


Betfair is one of the leading wagering sites in the United Kingdom, offering a variety of on-line casino and betting products to more than 1 million members worldwide. Betfair relies on a stream of innovative new products to maintain its competitive advantage as a leading on-line betting site. To improve the efficiency of its application-development process, the company designed a state-of-the-art environment based on the OpenStack architecture, and selected Pure Storage as its strategic storage partner.


  • Given the highly competitive environment of on-line betting, Betfair’s application-development teams are under significant time to-market pressure to deliver new products and services.
  • Application-development processes must be more efficient to meet time to-market demands for new products.

Use Case:

  • Development Environment – OpenStack™

Business Transformation:

  • By making a wholesale commitment to an OpenStack cloud platform that delivers greatly enhanced efficiency and flexibility for its application development teams, Betfair has sharply accelerated time-to-market for new products and features in the highly competitive on-line betting industry.

IT Transformation:

  • With an OpenStack environment, new application-development environments can be spun up in minutes rather than weeks.
  • New products can be developed, tested and improved in radically less time.
  • Storage management is virtually hands-free.
“A big reason that Pure Storage is our strategic storage vendor is the simplicity and manageability it provides.”
Andrew Cook, Principal Engineer, Betfair

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