All-Flash Storage Technology Accelerates Times to Insight


Onpoint Health Data is an independent, non-profit organisation based in Portland, Maine, with roots that go back to 1976 as the Maine Health Information Center. The majority of Onpoint’s business today is developing and managing all-payer claims databases (APCD), also known as multi-payer claims databases, for state and private entities. Onpoint processes huge amounts of data for clients focused on improving the quality of healthcare and controlling costs. Adopting Pure Storage's FlashArray//M50 has sharply reduced the time needed to process that data, improving service to clients and shortening time to insight.


  • Data volumes are growing 30% per year, pushing the limits of IT systems.
  • Legacy storage is unable to keep pace with growing demands.
  • Lagging storage performance threatened the ability to meet client SLAs.

Use Case:

Business Transformation: 

  • Data analysts produce reports more quickly. 
  • Client SLAs are more easily met. 
  • New clients are onboarded in less time.

IT Transformation:

  • Performance on critical batch processing jobs improved 10-15x.
  • Space requirements for storage slashed from 1 1⁄2 racks to 8U. 
  • New clients' historical data brought on without bottlenecks.

“The simplicity of the Pure Storage array is a huge bonus. Mostly, it’s hands-off.”

Jeff Stoddard, Chief Information Officer, OnPoint Health Data

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