The Fast Track to Simplicity

All-flash storage systems don't have to be complex. Pure Storage makes it simple, so you can focus on accelerating your business.

All-Flash Storage That Pays for Itself in About a Year

Forrester details the many business benefits of going all flash with Pure Storage – including major cost savings. Replace legacy disk and get a 102% ROI in only 14 months.

Calculate Your Own ROI – In a Flash

Which use case best represents your environment?

How many terabytes do you need?

Rate of growth

At what rate do your storage needs grow?

Choose rack units or power/cooling as the basis for operating costs:
Avg. cooling/power cost per KWh
Average Rack Unit Cost per Month
Avg. annual storage admin FTE cost
Flash Array
00 Less than Disk
00 Savings vs. Disk
Want the breakdown of savings?
  Disk FlashArray Delta
Effective Capacity (TB) Year 1
Effective Capacity (TB) Year 6
Average Capacity
Total Solution Costs (CapEx and OpEx)
Maintenance+ Support (Years 4 and 5)
Annual Power + Cooling Costs
Rack Unit Costs
Multipathing Software Licenses and
Associated Maintenance*
Snapshot and Cloning Software*
Replication Software Licenses and
Associated Maintenance*
Storage Management Full Time Employee Costs
Total 3 Year TCO


© 2015 Pure Storage, Inc. All rights reserved. The Total Cost of Ownership report is a complimentary tool that depends on estimates and assumptions about the particular environment, costs and data. While your actual savings will vary, this report demonstrates the real potential for businesses to revolutionize their data storage. Please contact Pure Storage for a fully customized TCO report.

451 Research Report

All-flash arrays shaking up both traditional storage and other flash technologies

All Flash arrays voted by IT professionals as the #1 technology on the 451 Research / TheInfoPro Heat Index for the second year in a row. 

“Times of dramatic change are always opportunities for vendor disruption, and the real story in AFAs is the ascendency of Pure Storage. In 2015 it took the top rung on our exciting-vendor list…”

Innovation Is What We Do

We've become market leaders by innovating, and delivering that innovation to you. Don't take our word for it – read the Gartner Magic Quadrant Report.

We've Introduced a Better Ownership Model

With Evergreen Storage, IDC sees a new upgrade model that eliminates the expense, risk, and disruption of both incremental and forklift upgrades. Achieve simplicity and savings while expanding and modernizing your storage every year.

We've Leveled the Playing Field

Gartner details the risks associated with purchasing from traditional storage vendors as they reorganize their businesses in the face of highly competitive newer arrivals (that would be us), who are offering "simpler-to-use, simpler-to-purchase, and better or equivalent products and services."