This Enterprise Storage Comparison Is Easy

Move on from Dell EMC and move up to Pure Storage

PowerMax, VMAX, and Unity evolved from legacy disk-based architectures. Move on from that, and move up to Pure’s enterprise storage arrays designed for flash.

Isn’t It Time to Move up to Effortless, Efficient, and Evergreen?

We’re dedicated to delivering the industry’s best purpose-built all-flash array – one in which industry-leading data reduction enables optimal economics for the data center; ultra-simple operations include rich data services with no performance penalties; and an Evergreen architecture allows customers to persist data across multiple generations of hardware and software with no data migrations.

You Deserve Better Data Efficiency

Why settle for Dell EMC’s 4:1 data efficiency? Pure delivers the industry’s best data reduction, producing an average of better than 10:1 total efficiency across our fleet of arrays. That saves money now – and into the future.

Enjoy Effortless Operations

Everything about Pure FlashArray //X is effortless: from the plug-n-play setup, to the AI-driven, SaaS-based management platform of Pure1, to the built-in, worry-free business continuity of Purity ActiveCluster, our multi-site replication solution.

Make Sure It’s Truly Evergreen

Pure’s Evergreen Storage ownership model is unique. While Dell EMC and others have tried to imitate the Evergreen offering, what they haven’t done is engineer their systems to actually be Evergreen.

FlashArray//X vs. Dell EMC Powermax

Get an informative comparison of Pure Storage® FlashArray//X and the Dell EMC PowerMax, including analysis of storage efficiency, storage management and automation, availability, architecture and TCO.

Flasharray//X Vs. Dell Emc Powermax

Evergreen Storage vs. Dell EMC Future-proof Storage Loyalty Program

Pure's customers love Evergreen, especially its groundbreaking ability to keep storage modern and agile while fully protecting investments.

Evergreen™ Storage

Dell EMC Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program

Acquiring Storage

Right Size Gurantee

10:1 Total Efficiency (Average)

Standard Warranty + Love Your Storage Guarantee

All-Inclusive Array Software

ES2 True OPEX, Pay-As-You-Go

No Capacity Guarantee

4:1 Efficiency Guarantee

Standard Warranty ("Satisfaction Guarantee")

Features like SRDF cost extra

Traditional Leases Only


Flat & Fair Maintenance

Evergreen Maintenance

"Predictable" Support Pricing

"Lifetime" Flash Wear

Non-Disruptive Upgrades Across Generations

Truly Non-Disruptive Upgrades

No Data migrations

Mix & Match Components

Limited Non-Disruptive Upgrades

Expensive, Complex Data Migrations

No Mix & Match Components

Investment Protection: Controllers

No Re-Buy of H/W or S/W

Free Every Three

Upgrade Flex

100% Trade-In Credit

Limited Non-Disruptive Upgrades

Expensive, Complex Data Migrations

No Mix & Match Components

Investment Protection: Media

Capacity Consolidation

100% Trade-In Credit

Full-System Trade-In Only

Less than 10% Trade-In Credit

Any All-Flash Comparison Must Consider NVMe

Fast communication protocols like NVMe and NVMe-oF have emerged as the next big step forward for all-flash arrays, delivering huge gains in performance density and bandwidth. Pure has again led the industry with FlashArray//X, the first mainstream, 100% NVMe all-flash array. However, not all NVMe architectures are the same – and it’s important to carefully evaluate vendor offerings.

Pure Storage is a Leader in the Primary Storage Magic Quadrant

We are a Magic Quadrant Leader because of our ability to execute and our completeness of vision. Don’t take our word for it – Read the Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage.

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