CloudSnap: Effortless Cloud Backup

Get cloud backups without cloud complexity.  Purity CloudSnap™ delivers cloud backup and efficient array- and volume-level recovery that’s effortless and cost-effective.

Expand Your Cloud
Backup Options

Why not protect your cloud data with quick restores for low RTO & RPO, compliance, and longer-term backup for volume-level restores? CloudSnap provides cloud-based data protection that’s built into Pure Storage FlashArray™ enabling effortless, efficient cloud backup for off-prem flexibility, longer-term retention, multiple recovery scenarios, and lower costs.

Backup and Restore, Simplified

Now, your backup is as simple as creating a snapshot schedule from the FlashArray GUI and choosing FlashBlade™, another NFS device, or an S3 target. That’s it. To restore, simply select any snapshot. You can even perform VM-level backups and restores with vSphere Virtual Volumes (VVols) integration in FlashArray.

Built-in Cloud Protection

CloudSnap is built into Purity Storage Software and included with your Evergreen Storage Subscription – no additional licenses, software, or hardware required.

Purity: Built-in Cloud Backup for FlashArray

Monitor Portable
Snapshots Globally

Managing data protection just became a lot easier. Pure1® Storage Management monitors all your snapshots with a global snapshot catalogue – whether they reside on FlashArray™, Flash Blade™, an NFS target, or in the public cloud.

Pure1: Global Snapshot Management

Drive Rapid Restore with FlashBlade

Cloud provides flexible and efficient off-premises backup. But for applications that require rapid on-prem restore, there’s FlashBlade. Use its high-performance, scale-out data hub as a highly effective target for your critical application snapshots while consolidating and accelerating other workloads like analytics and Dev/Ops.

FlashBlade: Data Hub for Rapid Restore

Cloud Backup for Less

To date, cloud backup and recovery hasn’t been cheap: software licenses, data transport, ongoing cloud storage, and incremental hardware add up. CloudSnap lowers bandwidth usage and transfers costs with portable snapshots that are efficient, compressed, and – after the initial baseline snap – incremental. Maximise the cloud’s potential for backup and disaster recovery.

CloudSnap: Lower Cost Cloud Backup

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