Phenomenally Efficient

Run everything on all-flash, and save space doing it. Better yet, run everything with full integration and automation. Set it and forget it. Free your team to focus on the critical initiatives that matter.

Consolidate Everything on 10x Less...

Put all your applications on FlashArray//M, save 10x on space, and go 10x faster. Or, with FlashArray//X, go further, and get maximum performance density per rack unit. Purity's average 5:1 data reduction (deduplication + compression) across the entire FlashArray install base is typically 2x better than leading competitors. 

...And Maintain Full Performance

Your workloads are protected with Purity//Assure: high mixed workload performance, full performance through failure and upgrades, and Always-On QoS. No configuration or tuning necessary.

No surprises, no penalties

All Purity data services are built-in and included with every FlashArray. There's nothing else to buy, install, or pay for. Unlike our competitors, with Pure you get always-on deduplication, compression, encryption, and QoS with no performance penalty or per volume configuration overhead. And you maintain your space savings with data reduction aware snapshots and replication.

Integrate, Automate, Innovate

To provide an on-demand catalog of cloud IT services to your developers, you'll need your storage to integrate with VMware vCenter, VMware vRealize, OpenStack, or Docker. FlashArray integrates with all of them, seamlessly, and can be fully automated via REST, CLI, or Powershell. That should leave you plenty of time to think about business innovation.

What Does Efficient Look Like at Scale?

Nielsen replaced 50 racks of disk with 5 racks of Pure. In the process, the company experienced a 4x workload improvement, and customer analytics – the lifeblood of the company – accelerated from daily to hourly releases.


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"We went from 50 racks of disk down to five racks of Pure Storage."
Alex Patent, Global VP
The Nielsen Company
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"Pure1 has just a single console, where you can monitor all data in real time at a glance.”
Stefan Seerden, IT Systems Manager
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"Pure Storage helped us solve the problem of scale."
Neil Pinto, Senior Director