This is The New Tier 1

Always on, always efficient – and always improving.

The Cloud Era Puts New Demands on IT

The Cloud Era is here, driven by new application architectures that present today’s Tier 1 with unprecedented requirements – for consistent sub-ms latencies, agile consolidation of dynamically-varying workloads, and flexible, cost-effective scale. In this context, Cloud Era Tier 1 must be resilient, simple, efficient, and evergreen. Compromising on any one of these attributes has a direct effect on the bottom line.

Legacy Tier 1 Doesn’t Cut It

Legacy Tier 1, including hybrids and retrofits, relies on too many compromises to survive for long in the cloud era. Complex and inefficient deployments, rigid architectures, higher TCO, and disruptive and risky forklift upgrades are just some of the problems that Legacy Tier 1 can’t avoid – and can’t fix. With the New Tier 1 now available, there’s no longer any need to accept outdated, dead-end infrastructure.

What Defines the New Tier 1?

Proven 99.9999% availability and Active-Active stretch cluster like Legacy Tier 1 – but also simple, agile, efficient, and Evergreen infrastructure that decades-old architectures can’t hope to match.

Literally, It’s Simply Always On

The New Tier 1 never quits. With proven 99.9999% availability across every FlashArray//M shipped over the last two years, inclusive of maintenance, failures, generational upgrades, and now Purity ActiveCluster, the New Tier 1 offers the highest level of availability.

The Efficiency Is Unparalleled

Consolidate in ways you didn't think possible. The New Tier 1 boasts policy-based QoS to ensure all your workloads are running smoothly – no tweaking, just set it and forget it. And FlashArray now offers File support, meaning customers can deploy a single, shared all-flash array for all their workloads.

The Experience? Simple, Like SaaS

Think of your New Tier 1 as a hardware/software subscription to innovation and ever-improving performance. To name just the latest additions: 100% NVMe, Purity ActiveCluster, policy-based QoS, and 4x faster write speed on //M – all delivered to you without disruptions, data migrations, or forklift upgrades.

And Let’s Not Forget the Savings

The New Tier 1 is more than affordable – on average, it’s got a lower TCO than the legacy offering. Looking at just your storage investment and refresh over 6 years, the New Tier 1 saves you 33% compared to the traditional tech refresh model. When you factor lower environmental costs, the total savings climbs to nearly 50%. Imagine what you could do with the savings on one array – or across your entire storage spend!

Here’s What the New Tier 1 Means to CAC

Credit Acceptance Corp.’s business relies on sophisticated software and fast access to huge stores of data to deliver credit decisions within 30 seconds. CAC put their VDI, VSI, and Oracle and Microsoft DBs on Pure, and then added their SAS Business Analytics as well, because they had I/O and capacity to spare. The results? CAC’s critical analytics runtimes were slashed from 24 hours to just 6. Power costs declined by 99%, and management time dropped 10x. CAC now enjoys 5:1 average data reduction. “Pure had a solution that not only addressed specific pain points, but also solved business problems. Pure is simplifying the conversation. It’s no longer a conversation about IOPS and LUNs, but about how can I enable my business to go faster,” said Rael Mussell, Vice President of IT Support.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

1. Review your requirements

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2. Execute a POC

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3. Migrate to Pure

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