AI-Driven Management & Workload Planning

Easily monitor and manage all your Pure Storage arrays, from any device, with just a web browser. Then look ahead, to plan future consolidation and project capacity needs. Pure1® is cloud-based – and new innovation is delivered seamlessly.

Predict Performance and Capacity Requirements

No more operating with your best guesstimate. Pure1 Meta™ uses Workload DNA to track the performance of each and every workload on every single cloud-connected FlashArray globally – now more than 100,000 – to produce accurate estimates of load and capacity growth for your workloads over time.

Workload Planner Is Your Crystal Ball

Will a new workload fit? How will my workloads interact, and how can I optimise their placement? For the first time, you can model workload changes on your existing infrastructure – and on your planned upgrades.

Pure's Storage Workload Planning Tool

Eliminate the Risk of Red-Lining

No more wondering whether your current workloads are putting you at risk of maxing out your array’s performance or capacity – and no more overprovisioning for safety.

Intelligently Add New Workloads

Get clear visibility into whether a new workload will fit based on predicted performance and capacity load, as well as the compatibility of workloads.

Get the Visibility to Optimise

With volume-level analysis of migration or growth impacts, Pure1 Meta™ can help optimise your workload placement as you grow.

Simulate Hardware Upgrades

Looking to upgrade? Extend your management analytics with the ability to model capacity and performance consumption trends based on your upgrade options. 

Simulate Upgrades for Capacity & Performance Planning

Secure, Role-Based Insights for All

Wherever innovation takes your business, Pure1 makes it easy to manage your growing number of flash arrays. Get flexible and secure role-based views. Enjoy the convenience of a global search bar. Plus, leverage array tagging to support any type of user with self-service analytics.

Manage Array Location

Integrate Pure1 API — Effortlessly

Empower your developers with consistent Pure1 REST API and SDK Toolkit to integrate Pure1 insights into your enterprise apps quickly.

Know Where Your Arrays Reside on Globally

Streamline your array administration and migration with granular location-based metadata