Astonishing Predictive Support

The industry-leading customer satisfaction of Pure1® Support is driven by continuous monitoring and proactive assistance at every stage. Now, with the global predictive intelligence of Pure1 Meta™, you're covered even for what you don’t see coming.

Predictive Support, Proactive Response

Pure1® continuously monitors rich telemetric data from 1000s of cloud-connected arrays – now more than 1 trillion data points a day, and more than 7 PB of total data. It’s the analysis of this data by Pure1 Meta™ that enables Pure1® Support to predict vulnerability to known issues and proactively alert customers before problems develop.

Pure1 Meta For Predictive Analytics Support

We’re Looking for Fingerprints

Pure1® Support relies on Pure1 Meta™ to scan for and match issue fingerprints – array health data that may point to known conflicts, problems, or vulnerabilities within an array or its connected environment. Call-home telemetry from sensors at the array level, and from those monitoring external connected devices, provide clues that enable Meta and Pure1 Support to work proactively to keep your operations disruption-free.

Chances Are, We’ll Call You

We have no Level 1 support. If you call us with an issue, you’ll be talking to someone who can help you solve the problem. But our machine learning predictive support means that in most cases we’ll be calling you first to tell you about a potential problem and schedule preventative maintenance. We open the majority of support cases, and so far we’ve resolved more than 500 Sev1 cases before they affected our customers.

Astonishing Support Is Key to Those six-nines

Pure1 Support has been a key factor in Pure delivering proven 99.9999% availability over the last two years, inclusive of maintenance and generational upgrades. Continuous monitoring, predictive analytics, and proactive responses have all played essential roles in keeping our customers’ data online and productive.

We’re Constantly Proactive

The comprehensive simplicity of our products and our undying commitment to customer satisfaction have generated many loyal fans. With a Satmetrix-validated 2018 NPS score of 86.6, we're in the top 1% of businesses in customer satisfaction, and the #1 recommended technology vendor by a wide margin.

We’ll Even Manage Your Upgrades

All Pure1® support plans include managed upgrades, removing one more management task from your schedule. Software upgrades are fully managed remotely by support personnel, and are non-disruptive – with 100% performance maintained throughout the process. 90% of software upgrades are handled remotely by Pure1® Support staff.

Pure1® Support is Part of Our Subscription to Innovation

Pure1® Support is a key part of our Evergreen™ Storage Subscriptions. Our experts are keeping tabs on your arrays at all times, helping you through upgrades, responding within a mere 15 minutes for any Sev 1 incident, and ready to notify you if we need your assistance. If you do call us, we’ll be standing by with instant access to L2 support – no L1 hassles and repeated explanations that waste time and money. It’s practically like a managed service included in your subscription.

Pure1 Meta™ Makes It Possible

Our astonishing support is powered by the global predictive intelligence of Pure1 Meta™.