We’ve Pushed the Limits on High Availability

Purity Assure is resiliency that never quits. Purity delivers proven 99.9999% availability for FlashArray over two years, inclusive of maintenance, failures, and generational upgrades. That means your data is always available, always performing, and always protected – with no performance loss.

No Maintenance Windows

Non-disruptive maintenance, expansion, and upgrading of everything – all without performance impact. Hello weekends.

No Downtime

Designed for 99.9999% availability, FlashArray has no single point of failure, and all components are hot-swappable.

Never Lose Data

Adaptive dual-parity RAID-HA, always-on encryption, and end-to-end data integrity fabric mean zero data loss.

Non-Disruptive Everything

When a storage array hosts 100s of applications, downtime is not an option. Here are some of the ways FlashArray maintains 100% performance.

Active/Active High Availability

Clustered controller design allows for the complete failure of a controller or any controller component without impacting operations.


Write IOs are persisted to NV-RAM modules, ensuring in-flight writes are protected against power loss and device failure.

Hot-Swappable Components

DirectFlash™ Modules, NV-RAM Modules, and controllers are hot-swappable for continuous operation, even when recovering from a failure.

Stateless Controller Architecture

Simply unplug a failed controller, cable up a new one, and the FlashArray is back to full-availability, all without any performance loss.

Always-on QoS for effortless control

Whether it’s the automatic protection of your workloads through zero configuration, always-on QoS, or you choose to manage your workloads with individual limits, Pure Storage QoS will ensure that all your applications run smoothly – and disruption-free.

Zero-Impact Maintenance

Non-Disruptive Capacity Expansion – Flash capacity can be added online and becomes instantly available.

Non-Disruptive Controller Upgrades – Performance can be expanded, even across generations, with no downtime.

Non-Disruptive Hardware Replacement – Maintenance or replacement of any failed component is performed online.

Non-Disruptive Software Upgrades – New features and flash technology advancements are easily enabled with software upgrades that are not only non-disruptive to availability, but also to the performance of applications.

And Only We Do It With 100% Performance – Although the IO handling of the FlashArray is active/active from all ports on both controllers, we reserve the performance of one controller on the backend. This enables all maintenance operations to be performed with zero performance loss.

Data That’s Always Protected

Totally re-designed for flash, RAID-HA protects against the three flash failure modes.

Device Failure

RAID-HA protects against concurrent dual-drive failure, and re-builds around failures automatically within minutes.

Bit Errors

Flash is more vulnerable to bit errors than hard drives. RAID-HA uses independent checksums and dedicated parity to detect and heal around bit error issues.

Performance Variability

RAID-HA treats performance variability just like a failure, and uses parity to work around potential bottlenecks to deliver consistent latency.

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