Industry’s Best Data Reduction

Purity Reduce delivers the industry’s most granular and complete data reduction, which powers Pure’s industry-leading total efficiency – savings that other all-flash vendors can’t touch.

Unbeatable Numbers

Ticker data reduction and total efficiency averages are calculated across the entire Pure Storage FlashArray installed base, updated live 24/7.

Don’t Be Fooled by Gimmicks Masquerading as Data Reduction

Many vendors will claim that their storage efficiency rates, which usually include thin provisioning and snap savings, are the same as good data reduction. That’s why Pure is clear about our rates – we tell you what our inline and always-on DR technologies are delivering, globally across our entire installed base, and separately what the total efficiency numbers look like with thin provisioning included.

Confused about Efficiency Claims? Apples to Apples Just Got Easier

While data reduction is what really makes the space-saving difference in flash arrays, we all need to speak the same language when comparing vendor claims. Pure includes thin provisioning in our total efficiency ratios, and guarantees that total efficiency in the Right-Size Guarantee (RSG), along with effective capacity. Pure’s global average total efficiency rate is greater than 10:1, which is still 2x that of most vendors’ efficiency claims. Now, customers can more easily compare Pure and other vendors on storage efficiency – and get it in writing as part of their RSG.

Out of the Box Converged Infrastructure Solution

We Use Five Different Data Reduction Technologies

Pattern Removal

Pattern removal identifies and removes repetitive binary patterns, including zeroes. In addition to capacity savings, pattern removal reduces the volume of data to be processed by the dedupe scanner and compression engine.

512B Aligned, Variable Dedupe

High-performance, inline deduplication operates on a 512-byte aligned, variable block size range from 4 - 32K. Only unique blocks of data are saved on flash – removing even the duplicates that fixed-block architectures miss. Best of all, these savings are delivered without requiring any tuning.

Inline Compression

Inline compression reduces data to use less capacity than the original format. Append-only write layout and variable addressing optimize compression savings by removing the wasted space that fixed-block architectures introduce. Combined with Deep Reduction, compression delivers 2 - 4x data reduction, and is the primary form of data reduction for databases.

Deep Reduction

Purity Reduce doesn’t stop at inline compression – additional, heavier-weight compression algorithms are applied post-process that increase the savings on data that was compressed inline. Most other all-flash products lack the use of multiple compression algorithms, and simply miss these savings.

Copy Reduction

Copying data on a FlashArray only involves metadata! Leveraging the data reduction engine, Purity provides instant pre-deduplicated copies of data for snapshots, clones, replication, and xCopy commands.

Why We Lead the Industry in Data Reduction

Five Reduction Technologies – We’ve got the data reduction necessary for virtually any application: pattern removal, deduplication, compression, deep reduction, and copy reduction.

Always-On – Purity Operating Environment is designed to support high-performance, always-on data reduction. All of our performance benchmarks are taken with data reduction on. 

Global – Unlike some data reduction solutions which operate within a volume or a pool, thereby partitioning the data and dramatically reducing dedupe savings, Purity Reduce dedupe is inline and global. 

Variable Addressing – Purity employs variable addressing, which finds duplicates that fixed-block implementations miss. Purity Reduce scans for duplicates at 512-byte granularity and auto-aligns with application data layouts without any tuning at any layer. In addition, variable (byte-granular) compression avoids diluting your savings with waste that fixed-bucket granular compression implementations propagate.

Multiple Compression Algorithms – Different kinds of data compress differently. Purity employs multiple compression algorithms for optimal data reduction.

Designed for Mixed Workloads – Purity Reduce delivers optimal data reduction savings for mixed workloads without requiring any tradeoffs and/or tuning.  

Purity Reduce Leads Industry in Data Reduction

How Much Data Reduction Can I Expect?

Data reduction works on a wide variety of applications and data types, but the only way to know how it functions on your data is to try it. The averages below are what we find typical for our most common use cases.

Virtual Server Environments

VMware or Hyper-V, consolidated virtual server environments with mixed applications.

Database Environments

OLTP or OLAP, even databases get surprising amounts of data reduction – most of it via compression.

Virtual Desktop (VDI) Environments

Virtual desktops (both persistent and non-persistent) are one of the most reducible workloads in the datacenter.

Flasharray Is 100% Thin Provisioned

This means capacity for all volumes, and all workloads, is allocated dynamically on demand, thereby maximizing the storing of data – and not the storing of zeros. While many vendors use thin provisioning as a way to boost data reduction savings, thin provisioning is an over-provisioning, not a data reduction technology. This is why our Purity Reduce Ticker separates the average data reduction savings from deduplication and compression only from average total efficiency with thin provisioning included. Oh, and granularity? It’s at the 512-byte level just like all Purity services, meaning that Purity thin provisioning delivers even more efficiency than the competition.

Purity Thin Provisioning Delivers Greatest Efficiency
800-379-7873 +44 20 3870 2633 +43 720882474 +32 (0) 7 84 80 560 +33 9 75 18 86 78 +49 89 12089 253 +353 1 485 4307 +39 02 9475 9422 +31 (0) 20 201 49 65 +46-101 38 93 22 +45 2856 6610 +47 2195 4481 +351 210 006 108 +966112118066 +27 87551 7857 +34 51 889 8963 +41 31 52 80 624 +90 850 390 21 64 +971 4 5513176 +7 916 716 7308 +65 3158 0960 +603 2298 7123 +66 (0) 2624 0641 +84 43267 3630 +62 21235 84628 +852 3750 7835 +82 2 6001-3330 +886 2 8729 2111 +61 1800 983 289 +64 21 536 736 +55 11 2655-7370 +52 55 9171-1375 +56 2 2368-4581 +57 1 383-2387

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