Upgrade Storage – Effortlessly

Imagine buying storage capacity once and enjoying upgrades year after year – without losing a penny on your investment. Now imagine doing that without disruptions of any kind – even when you cross generational boundaries. That’s Evergreen Storage.

“This Is How It Should Be.”

Evergreen Storage delivers uninterrupted value from your storage investment for a decade or more, with flexible, seamless upgrades across generations, and without re-buying TBs you already own. Watch how that kind of effortless storage translates in the real world.

Here’s How We Future-Proof Your Storage Architecture

Think of Evergreen Storage as a subscription to innovation. Evergreen Subscriptions provide a range of programs to modernise both FlashArray controllers and flash media – without re-buys. With next-generation controller upgrades, flexible capacity upgrade bundles with trade-in credits, and capacity consolidation to newer, denser flash, your storage stays fresh and modern, and you never have to repurchase of TBs you already own.

Futureproof Your Storage Architecture with Evergreen Storage

Stay Modern: Free Every Three

Modernise your array performance, scale, and features non-disruptively, without repurchasing hardware. Your Evergreen Subscription includes an upgraded controller every three years – even if that controller is next-generation.

Upgrade Flex, on Your Schedule

Upgrade your array performance as you expand. Purchase a qualifying capacity pack and get trade-in credit for your old controllers towards upgraded controllers, even next-generation ones. Moreover, any capacity expansions not tied to an Upgrade Flex qualify for trade-in credit for a portion of your existing, less dense flash.

Simple Capacity Consolidation

Tired of traditional storage vendors making you re-buy the same TBs over and over again? Evergreen lets you manage capacity growth by consolidating data onto newer, denser-capacity flash, even as you move to high-performance NVMe DirectFlash™ modules. Get trade-in credit for your old data packs, and never rebuy TBs you already own.

"We have gone through three generations of Pure FlashArray™ arrays — starting with the 400 series, then the //M and now the //X — along with at least 10 firmware updates. They've all been seamless and behind the scenes. No one has ever noticed an impact."

Michael Finnegan, VP, Production Operations
eMoney Advisor

Your Data Stays in Place, Even During Upgrades

Your Pure FlashArray just works – even when it’s being upgraded. No more massive data migration projects that require planning, slowdowns, and outages. For three years, the FlashArray series has delivered 99.9999% availability, inclusive of maintenance, failures, and generational upgrades. That means your data is not only always-fast and always-secure – it’s always available, period.

Get 99.9999% Availability During Storage Upgrades

Very Intelligent: Evergreen™ for Flashblade

FlashBlade™ is powering innovation for the world’s leading innovators in AI, analytics, and so much more. Now, power your FlashBlade array into the future with Evergreen Storage. As your needs change, you’ll always be confident Pure can support your growth with non-disruptive expansions and upgrades. Plus, when you need to increase density or scale, you can protect your investment and get up to 25% off higher-capacity blades with trade-ins.


Get 99.9999% Availability During Storage Upgrades

Engineered To Be Evergreen

Evergreen Storage revolutionized the storage ownership experience by delivering value on customers’ storage investments through generations of non-disruptive performance and density improvements. Many have tried to imitate Evergreen, but – lacking its core technology – their offerings never quite match up. So don’t settle for less.