The Science of Simple

The Pure Storage formula for maximum Oracle database performance: Speed + Simplicity. Learn how to apply the Science of Simple in order to achieve your database goals and Accelerate Possible.

An Unexpected Opportunity to Accelerate your Applications

As a DBA, you are the guardian of your company’s data. You hold the keys to data protection, availability and performance - the foundations for IT innovation and business growth. You spend inordinate amounts of time fine tuning the database systems, and yet parameters outside your domain – storage Infrastructure – can have a massive impact on database operations.


Oracle datbase environments are complicated to setup. Traditional storage infrastructure adds another layer of bottlenecks that you have to manage - storage tiers, RAID groups, spindles, LUNs.


The cost to deploy, monitor and maintain an Oracle environment can be astronomical .Capital and operating costs put extreme pressure on database teams to do more with less.


Database and application teams are expected to support ever increasing SLAs with fewer resources. DBAs often have to spend hours tuning the database stack to gain only marginal performance benefits.

Introducing Chas Dye, the Database Guy!

Meet Chas Dye, the dynamic and wonderfully informed database architect who advises users around on the science of database optimization. He's uplifting, he's quixotic, he's a database optimization scientist who explains how databases get better and worse in different scenarios.

In this episode, Chas Dye discusses the impact of flash storage on database IO. It's not that bad.


Using Flash Storage to Drive Performance and Efficiency

Unlock the true potential of your Oracle database and applications with an all-flash storage infrastructure. Learn how flash can not only accelerate database performance, but also simplify database operations andadministration, while reducing overall cost of Oracle environments by 30%.

Addressing Evolving Database Challenges with New Technologies

More data has been produced in the last 10 years than all previous decades combined. This increase in data volumes has introduced an entirely new set of challenges for DBAs around performance and availability. To better understand these challenges we carried out a survey of IT decision makers in companies with employees of 500 or more. Check out the results of this survey to see what challenges you share.

Gartner Report: The Rise of the Operational DBMS Market

Are your business owners experimenting with NoSQL databases?  Learn what use cases are changing the landscape for enterprise-class database systems as they transform from classic OLTP to Operational DBMS. This report is written by Gartner Distinguished Analyst and VP Donald Fienberg and Research VP Merv Adrian.

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