On-Demand Webinar: Boost SAP Performance with an All-Flash Array

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The deployment of SAP infrastructure can be complex, time consuming, and costly. Unfortunately, existing storage solutions are based on old, slow, inefficient disk storage that result in expensive architectures that perform poorly and have significant downtime windows – making them unsuitable for the consolidation of business-critical applications and databases.

There is a better way!  Run SAP on all-flash storage architecture and achieve immediate performance benefits, and operational, management and disaster recovery benefits.

Join this webinar to learn how all flash storage from Pure Storage can:

- Enable 3x faster deployment of SAP Systems
- Reduce SAP backup operations by nearly 5x compared to traditional mechanical disks
- Boost SAP performance up to 30% with no tuning
- Slash Snap-Clone-Sid change from 6+ hours to under 15 seconds


John Karagozian, SAP Solutions Manager, Pure Storage
Krishna Satyavarapu, SAP Solution Architect, Pure Storage


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