Simplify, Consolidate, and Scale

As application demands grow, and disk speeds don't, an all-flash storage solution becomes more and more compelling. FlashArray//m eliminates layers of storage complexity for Microsoft SQL databases and Microsoft Exchange – speeding your business, streamlining administration and leapfrogging productivity. Consolidate your SQL applications on all-flash storage and eliminate storage silos required by antiquated disk-based architectures. Get sub-millisecond latency, 3-5x better transactional throughput, and dramatically simpler operations. Smaller budget, too.

FlashArray//m: the Answer to Performance Demands

The performance of your Microsoft SQL databases and Exchange Database Availability Groups (DAGs) are extremely sensitive to the speed and resilience of your storage solution. FlashArray//m is fast, agile, and reliable – improving performance by orders of magnitude. With 99.999% availability and 100% performance through upgrades and maintenance, you can consolidate workloads easily.


Getting the best performance out of Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange has required complex configuration of your underlying storage objects to create the right performance profile for logs, indexes, data files, temp databases, availability groups and so on. With Pure Storage, you can throw all that out the window. Create one big LUN, and put everything in it. Done. Simple. 


Forget fine-tuning block size and alignment – the Pure Storage 512-byte virtualization architecture means block alignment issues disappear. And our inline data reduction seamlessly serves SQL Server environments, trimming SQL database physical storage requirements by 3x-10x with far better performance than legacy disk arrays. Deliver 1 IOPS per mailbox with enough headroom for scaling.

Cost Reduction

A Pure Storage all-flash solution will speed your database and your business; optimize your SQL licensing; fit 40,000 mailboxes in 3U of rack space; eliminate planned disruptions and downtime; reduce the amount of storage you actually need to buy; and save on power, cooling, and space. Taken together, that's a very significant cost savings for your business.

"Our analytics application was bringing our high-end disk storage array to its knees. Moving to Pure Storage gave us tons of performance headroom, and our Microsoft SQL data was reduced 9-to-1; we were shocked!"
Jeff Geltz, CIO
“Once we installed Pure, the difference was night and day.”
Brent Fletcher, IT Director
Unity Healthcare
“From a heating and cooling perspective, we're probably using about one-tenth of the power for Pure Storage FlashArray, compared to what we needed to run our spinning disks. Not only is that good for our bottom line, it helps us meet our sustainability goals and reduce our carbon footprint.”
Justin Ainsworth, Information Systems Manager
Sierra Nevada

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