The big bang of AI is fueled by today’s convergence of deep learning, GPUs, and big data. To succeed, AI requires innovative algorithms and processors – and next-gen data storage.

Freedom from Data Bottlenecks

We solved the data bottleneck that’s held AI innovators back – and the AI industry recognized Pure with a coveted award for best innovation in AI hardware.

AI Compute Demands Drive New Storage Solutions

How to Build an End-to-End Training Pipeline

Unexpected turns and complexities are everywhere in the real world, and deploying AI in production is no different. Our AI experts put together a handbook, based on real customer deployments, so you can deploy state-of-the-art AI infrastructure from day one.

Five Key Lessons to Make AI Successful

Pure powers AI for some of the world’s most advanced enterprises, including a leading web-scale company and global automotive brands. Watch this webinar to learn AI deployment best practices as well as pitfalls to avoid.

The Lifecycle of Your AI Data

Data is the lifeblood of AI. From data capture to neural network training, we break down the AI data pipeline, explaining why each stage is essential and what it means for your infrastructure. 

Industry’s First Data Storage Engineered for Deep Learning and AI

AI is powered by massively parallel technologies, like deep learning and GPUs, and yet legacy storage systems are full of serial bottlenecks. Enter FlashBlade™ – architected from the ground-up to be massively parallel for AI.

Purpose-Built Storage for Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Replace Racks of Legacy Storage

A compact 4U form factor delivers the same performance as 10 racks of legacy disk. FlashBlade keeps GPU-accelerated servers – like the NVIDIA® DGX-1™ – busy with data, regardless of data type or I/O pattern.

For the Entire Data Pipeline

A 75-blade FlashBlade can read small files (50KB) at 50 GB/s, or read randomly at 75 GB/s – enough to support the entire data pipeline along with the most demanding training workloads.

Simple and disruption-free

Scale out performance and capacity anytime, even during production model training, simply by adding blades. Pure1® cloud-based management keeps users focused on driving data vs. administering storage.

“FlashBlade provides the scalability and performance needed for a machine learning project of this magnitude. With its ability to scale linearly, FlashBlade will allow Zenuity to expand its machine learning platform with computational power for future needs.”
Samuel Scheidegger, Machine Learning Researcher